Snooker Rules: Everything you need to know!

Snooker is a well-known British heritage game; it is played with plates on a table equal in size and markings to snooker. The game initially originated in the 1870s as a pastime for troops. To play this game, you’ll need 22 snooker balls, including one white ball, 15 red balls, one yellow ball, one green ball, one brown ball, one pink ball, and one black ball on the snooker table in dubai. Each ball has a unique set of points. Players try to position the red balls first, then the non-red balls, scoring one point for each red and the value of the numbers on the remaining balls. Snooker is a thrilling game that is extremely popular among young people. To experience the amazing, Come Now! Our snooker club is the best snooker club in dubai.

Snooker Rules for Beginners Simplified

Snooker is a game in which 15 red balls, 6 colored balls, and one cue ball are used. It’s better to start with a red ball, then a colored ball, then a red ball, then a colored ball, and so on. This red-colored pattern will continue until all of the balls have been placed. If you do not successfully pocket the correct ball, it is the turn of the other player. The winner is selected by accumulating all of the points using the values shown below. To insert more balls in any of the six pockets, you must first strike a white cue ball with your cue. 

The following are the snooker rules, the worth of each ball in a snooker game. 

  • Red ball – 1 Point
  • Yellow Ball – 2 Points
  • Green Ball – 3 Points
  • Brown Ball – 4 Points
  • Blue Ball – 5 Points
  • Pink Ball – 6 Points
  • Black Ball – 7 points

Understand the snooker terms

  • Pot: the position of a ball in the pocket of a snooker table in dubai (the ball must remain there).
  • Foul: When players intentionally or inadvertently disobey the game’s formal regulations. 
  • Snookered: Inability to hit the target ball straight on with a cueball.
  • Ball on: The cue ball target ball that the player wishes to strike. 

Snooker fundamentals, essential snooker points ‍

  • You hit the cueball, and it ideally strikes another ball, potting it.
  • Potting the snooker cueball is not permitted.
  • Every turn, you must hit a red with the cueball as your first shot.
  • If you hit the red (where the ball is on), you get one point and can select any of the colors for your next shot (just make sure you specify which one you choose). The color red remains in the pocket.
  • If you hit that color, which is at present the ball, you get the value of that color and must hit a red on your next shot. If anything does not fit in its allotted slot, it gets moved to the location with the highest sticker price.
  • If you foul or do not pot, your turn is ended, and the following player can have his turn. 
  • Continue until all red balls have disappeared and the reds are in the pockets. 
  • Yellow 2, green 3, brown 4, blue 5, pink 6, and black 7 balls are pocketed. They are still in the pocket. 
What if you unintentionally fouled in a snooker game? The foul regulations are as follows:
  • A foul is called when the cueball fails not to make contact with the ball after being struck. 
  • If your cueball misses anything on the table, your opponent may choose to take the shot or return the table to you. 
  • When you foul, your opponent may choose a free ball, after which they are snookered on all balls on (on any ball on the table). The free ball morphs into another ball ON with the same value for the sole purpose of this stroke and is respotted if it is potted.
  • If your cueball strikes a ball other than the on initially, you will be penalized 4 points or the value of the ball you hit.
  • Unless you pocket the ball on, your opponent receives credit for the value of the pocketed ball.
  • If you assume any ball is on the table at any moment, you will be penalized 4 points or the value of the ball you touched, whichever is greater.
When the game reaches its conclusion
  • A player leaves the game if there are insufficient balls on the table to compensate for the opponent’s score or if there are insufficient options to play good snooker and draw a foul on him.
  • All of the ball colors and reds have been pocketed.

The Goal of the Game

When playing snooker under the same formal regulations, there is only one simple goal to keep in mind. The goal of snooker balls is to outscore your opponent in each frame. The game aims to score as many points as possible against your opponents by potting the other balls in the correct order with the white snooker cue ball. Players do this by striking the different colored balls in a predefined order to deposit them in the table’s pockets.

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