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  • 10mm Medium
    10mm Medium Hard
    10mm Soft
    12mm Medium
    13mm Medium
    13mm Soft
    9mm Medium Hard
    9mm Soft
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EUROPOOL® NATURAL TIPS are professional layer leather Tips for billiard cues. They are made of ten layers of pigskin. All EUROPOOL cue tips are produced in Europe, guaranteeing the highest standards and quality.
EUROPOOL® TIPS guarantee the highest quality of cue tips. Thanks to the precise choice of leather and materials (used in the manufacturing process), the company Euro-Tech is a cue tip that allows you to achieve precise rotation and the highest control over billiard bumps without any major problems.

Cue tip, 10 layer of laminated and tanned pig skin leather. Made in EU

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10mm Medium, 10mm Medium Hard, 10mm Soft, 12mm Medium, 13mm Medium, 13mm Soft, 9mm Medium Hard, 9mm Soft


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