3 Things You Should Never Do At A Pool Table

The pool is a beloved game enjoyed by many, but owning a pool table requires a significant investment. Not only is a pool table a piece of furniture, but it is also a precision instrument that requires proper care and maintenance to ensure it remains in top playing condition for years to come. To help you get the most out of your investment, there are several things you should never do when playing pool. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your pool table remains in excellent condition and provides endless hours of entertainment.

  1. Do not neglect the maintenance of your pool table’s cushions and rails.

Firstly, it is important never to sit on the rails of your pool table. While it may be tempting to perch on the edge of the table to watch a game or take a break, doing so can cause serious damage to the pool table. The wooden portions of the rails and cushions can come apart, which can cause the cushions to sag, and the balls to bounce poorly. If you want to sit down while playing, use chairs or stools instead. The cushions on a pool table are essential for the game’s proper play, and if they become saggy or lose their bounce, it can seriously impact the table’s performance. So, if you want your pool table to last for many years, it is essential to avoid sitting on the rails.

  • Avoid damaging your pool table by refraining from placing food and drinks on it.

Secondly, you should never put food and drinks on your pool table. While it may be tempting to have a snack or drink while playing pool, it is crucial to keep them off the table and rails. Spills happen, and they can lead to staining on the felt, which can cause deterioration at the stained spot. Even worse, a spill can cause the felt to become bumpy, leading to poor ball roll and affecting the table’s overall performance. To avoid potential damage, enjoy your snacks and drinks away from the pool table.

  • Avoiding Excessive Force on Your Pool Table

Finally, it is important to avoid rough play when playing pool. While it may be impressive to slam shots into the pockets, doing so can cause serious damage to the pool table. Excessive force can cause the ball to bounce back from the pocket, hitting the edge of the slate and causing tears in the cloth. Even a small tear can become bigger over time, requiring you to replace the entire cloth. To avoid this, play with a controlled force and avoid slamming shots into the pockets.

One way to avoid rough play is to make sure that your pool table is properly set up. The table should be level, and the pockets should be tight enough to keep the balls from bouncing out but loose enough to allow them to go in. If the pockets are too tight, you may be tempted to use excessive force to make the ball go in, which can cause serious damage to the table.

Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Pool Table:

It is important to clean and maintain your pool table regularly to ensure that it remains in top condition. This means brushing the felt regularly to remove dust and chalk, wiping down the rails with a damp cloth, and keeping the table covered when not in use to protect it from dust and other contaminants.

Another critical aspect of maintaining a pool table is keeping the table level. A level table is essential for proper ball roll, and it also helps prevent damage to the table. If your table is not level, you may notice balls rolling unevenly, which can affect the game’s outcome.

Use the right type of pool cues and balls when playing pool. Using the wrong cues or balls can cause damage to the table, which can be costly to repair. When purchasing pool equipment, always make sure that it is compatible with your table.

Avoid using improper cleaning materials on the felt. The felt on a pool table is delicate and can be easily damaged by using harsh cleaning agents or rough cloth. Instead, use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the felt. If you need to clean a stain, use a gentle cleaning solution specifically designed for pool table felt and a soft cloth. Avoid rubbing the stain aggressively, as this can cause damage to the felt fibres.

Maintain proper humidity levels in the room where the pool table is located. High humidity levels can cause the felt to stretch and become loose, while low humidity levels can cause the felt to shrink and become tight. This can affect the playing surface and make it difficult to play. To avoid these issues, keep the humidity levels between 40% and 60%.

Regularly inspect the pool table for any signs of damage or wear. Check the cushions for sagging, the pockets for tears or holes, and the slate for cracks or chips. To prevent any further damage, it’s advisable to address any issues as soon as possible.

If you’re moving your pool table, it’s important to hire a professional to handle the job. Moving a pool table is not an easy task and can be dangerous if not done correctly. A professional will know how to properly disassemble, transport, and reassemble your pool table without causing any damage.


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