Billiard Tables

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  • Wiraka Wzone Table with complete accessories

    Free delivery

    Free installation

    11,000.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Billiard Table Sale DubaiBilliard Table Sale Dubai

    Billiard Table

    0 out of 5
    • Billiard table 8 Ft. x 4 Ft.
    • With complete accessories
    14,700.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Poison Billiard TablePoison Billiard Table

    Poison Billiard Table – 9 Ft.

    16,000.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Presidential Pool Table

    Presidential Pool Table – 8 Ft.

    10,000.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Sahara Billiard Table 9 Ft. – 20% DISCOUNT!

    10,400.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Star Pool TableStar Pool Table

    STAR – MAZART Pool table 8X4 feet with Slate, bucket pocket system & complete accessories.

    14,700.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Star Pool Table Dubai

    STAR (XW0032-9B)- Pool table 9ftx4.5ft with Ball returns system, Slate, Green cloth & complete accessories.

    • Overall Size: 2900cm×1630cm×800kg (114″×64″×33.5″).
    • Meterial:Lauan wood for Cushion rails, Pine wood with MDF for legs, MDF for Aprons and Leg link,Fireproof Venner,Leg levelers.
    • Simonis 760 cloth and Taiwan K55 cushion rubber.
    14,700.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Wiraka Dynasty Billiard Table 9 Ft.

    15,750.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Wiraka Jade Billiard TableWiraka Jade Billiard Table

    Wiraka Jade Billiard Table

    • Table Sizes: 8ft x 4ft / 7ft x 3.5ft
    • Table Colour : Black / Mahogany
    14,175.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Wiraka Pool Queen TableWiraka Pool Queen Table

    Wiraka Pool Queen Table 8 Ft and 9 Ft.

    • Table Sizes: 9ft x 4.5ft & 8ft x 4ft.
    • Table Colour: Black or Mahogany
    • Finishing with Ball returns system, Slate, E/Blue cloth & complete accessories.
    14,700.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Wiraka Queen Billiard Table 9 Ft.

    13,650.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • World Open Official Table

    World Open Official Table – 9 Ft.

    size: 9 ft billiard table
    brand: STAR
    Category:Billiard table
    cushion type: all solid wood library
    steel frame leveling system: America steel frame
    Diameter size: 290.5cm*16305cm*84cm
    inner diameter size 250cm*127cm
    cloth :star 860 table cloth
    ball light: 4 head silver pole umbrella light box
    13,500.00 AED
    (VAT Included)