How To Choose the Right Pool Table Cloth

Pool Table Cloth: How To Choose the Right One?

A pool table is a need in every recreational game room.  It certainly adds a fun element, but before you can start playing, you need to choose the right accessories for your table. A pool tablecloth is one such accessory that enhances your gaming experience. It makes a big difference in how the table plays and looks. Pool table clothes come in a wide range of styles, each with its unique benefits and features. Choose a cloth that will enhance your game and ensure you get the most out of your pool table. Let’s get started by learning more about the many kinds of pool table covers and how to pick the best one for you.  

Things to consider while choosing Pool Table Cloth 

The most important factor to consider while choosing the right pool tablecloth is the size of your table. You will need to know the dimensions of your table to purchase the correct size of the cloth. The right pool tablecloth for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

  • Fabric: There are several different types of fabric used for pool table cloth, including wool, polyester, and nylon. Wool is the most popular choice for professional players because it provides a consistent and smooth playing surface. Polyester is a more affordable option that is also durable and easy to maintain. Nylon is a durable and low-maintenance option, but it may not provide the same level of consistency as wool or polyester.
  • Thread count: The thread count of the cloth refers to the number of threads per square inch. A higher thread count means a denser and smoother playing surface, which can be beneficial for professional players. However, a lower thread count may be more suitable for casual players.
  • Color: The elegance of the table and the way the balls roll can both be influenced by the color of the tablecloth. Darker colors may make it easier to see the balls, but they can also create shadows that can interfere with play. Lighter colors may be easier on the eyes, but they may also make it more difficult to see the balls. This implies that the right color can help you concentrate, while the wrong color can be distracting.
  • Patterns: The three most common pool tablecloth patterns are stripes, checkered flags, and plaid. When choosing a plaid pool tablecloth, it is important to make sure that the colors complement each other well.
  • Speed: The speed of the cloth refers to how fast the balls roll on the table. Faster cloth may be more suitable for professional players, while slower cloth may be more suitable for casual players.
  • Maintenance: Consider how easy the cloth is to maintain when choosing the right one for your table. Some types of cloth may require more frequent cleaning and ironing to maintain their smoothness, while others are more low-maintenance.

How can pool table professionals help in choosing the best Pool Table Cloth to improve your game?

Pool table professionals can be a great resource for finding the best pool table cloth, and thus improving your game. Here are a few ways in which they can help:

  • Expert advice: Many pool table service providers have experienced staff who can provide expert advice on the best type of cloth for your needs. They can help you consider factors such as the type of fabric, thread count, color, and speed when selecting a cloth.

  • Quality cloth: Professional snooker clubs typically have access to high-quality pool table cloth that may not be available to the general public. This can include premium wool and polyester cloth that is specifically designed for professional play.

  • Proper installation: Proper installation of the pool tablecloth is crucial for ensuring a smooth and consistent playing surface. Professional snooker clubs often have experienced technicians who can properly install the cloth on your table, ensuring that it is level and free of any wrinkles or imperfections.

  • Maintenance: Professional snooker clubs can also help with the maintenance of your pool table cloth, including ironing and cleaning. This can help to extend the life of the cloth and ensure that it remains in top condition for optimal play.


In conclusion, there are a lot of factors to think about when selecting your pool table fabric. The key considerations are the kind of game you’ll be playing, the size of the table, and the setting. Once you have taken all of these factors into account, you should have no problem choosing the right pool tablecloth for your needs.

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