Heavy Cue Stick Or Light One - Which Should You Buy

A Heavy Cue Stick Or A Light One –  Which Should I Buy?

Purchasing the perfect cue stick might be confusing for someone just getting started with pool games. Especially regarding weight. You may find it difficult to decide between a heavy and a light one. But there are some common characteristics shared by all cue sticks. Ideally, they should be long and straight in order to make solid contact with the cue ball. Weight is one of the main differences between pool cues, and it can significantly impact how you play. A light stick or a heavy stick depends mainly on your personal preference and how you play.

When selecting the cue stick, there are a few aspects to take into account. It’s vital to hold a cue stick in your hand to get a sense of how it would handle before purchasing one. Its weight and straightness should be verified initially. Finally, you should try the cue stick on a pool table. Here are certain tips for people who wish to buy billiard accessories.

How Heavy Should your Cue Stick Be?

This solely depends on your preference. There are pool cues that weigh as little as 15 ounces and as much as 27 ounces, but most professional players use cue sticks that weigh between 19 and 19.5 ounces. Playing a variety of games will allow you to test out various cue sticks to determine which one is best for you. While lighter ones feel better, it can be more difficult to spin the ball with them. A 20-ounce pool cue will provide you with the weight you need to make strong contact and will be slightly more flexible than a lighter stick if you are a beginner. As you gain experience in this, you can upgrade your pool cue to a 19 or 19.5-ounce model. It will be slightly less forgiving for straight power shots and less effective with spin, but if you get the hang of using it, it will give you better accuracy.

What Weight Cue Is Best?

The weight of an ideal cue stick varies and is a matter of preference but it ranges from 18 to 20 ounces. The most popular cue sticks are 19 ounces. For the American pool, you should get a cue stick that weighs 18.5–21 ounces, while for the English pool, you should purchase a cue stick that weighs 17–19 ounces. But heavier sticks with comparable accuracy and speed tend to break more quickly than lighter cues. A typical cue is 57 to 58 inches long. For shorter adults and children, cue sticks between 50 and 56 inches are suitable, while 61-inch sticks are ideal for taller people. In addition to weight, take into account the wrap material (leather, Irish linen, or no wrap), the tip hardness (soft, medium, or hard), the joint pin (metal joint collar, wood-to-wood), the shaft taper (10–15 inches), and the shaft diameter (12mm-13mm).

What’s in store for you?

Your final decision on a pool cue will be based on how it performs in your hands. Before settling on a specific weight, it would be a good idea to test out a few various models. Dubai Snooker Club is recognized as one of the best providers of Billiard Accessories and Billiard Tables in UAE, You can come to us and choose from a variety of Billiard Cue Sticks in stock at our club. Additionally, we provide a variety of pool tables and other accessories to help you create the ideal game room. Selecting the proper weight and style of snooker cues will ensure your smart play.