AED 45,000.00 (VAT INCLUDED)


Table Sizes: 12ft x 6.5ft 1/2ft.

L*W*H: 387cm×286cm×86cm

Table Colour: Full Mahogany / Mahogany and Gold

Table Cloth: Hainsworth Match Snooker Cloth (UK)

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Table Sizes: 12ft x 6.5ft

L*W*H: 387cm×286cm×86cm

Table Colour: Mahogany and Gold

Table Cloth: Hainsworth Match Snooker Cloth (UK)

Table Frames: Selected Good Timber and Hand-Picked Exotic Hardwood

Rail Cushions: Selected good timber and hand-picked exotic hardwood

Rail Cushion Finishing: Laminated Cushion Protects From Scratches and Burn Marks

Rail Cushions Rubber: Northern Rubber Cushion

Pockets Assemble: Brass corner plate, Snooker rail, Cotton, Leather

Pocket Specification: International Tournament Cutting

Pocket Cutting: International Tournament Cutting

Tackle Hook/Rest Hook: 2 pc metal panels for rest stick & 3 sets Brass Hook

Number of Legs: 8 legs

Leg Leveller: Brass (Optional)

Table Bed Slates: 5 premium pcs -144″ x 73.5″ x 1.3/4″


  • 1 set Aramith Snooker Ball
  • 2 set 60″ Rest stick -brass cross
  • 1 set 60″ Rest stick – brass Spider
  • 1 set 94″ Half Rest stick
  • 4 pc 3/4 Snooker hand made cue with Extension
  • 1 set 80″ Rest Stick-Brass Butt
  • 1 set 60″ Rest stick-Brass Ex Spider
  • 1 set 60″ Rest stick-Brass swam
  • 1 set Cue Rack
  • 1 pkt Chalk(Wiraka) 12pc/pk
  • 1 set Table & Rail Brush
  • 1 set Snooker tournament tray
  • 1 set SB-EL-00 Electronic with remote control (w/o output)
  • 1 set Deluxe Table Cover with a rubber band
  • 1 set Tournament Lighting 3 Rows (12 Panels) – LS13sT
  • 1 set Snooker Heater(5pcs/set)

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