9ft Rais  Billiard table 9ft with  Accessories/Brand New

with Green and Blue Felt

  • Size : 9 X 4.5 FT
  • System: Ball return system
  • Rail material: solid wood
  • All metal decoration
  • 3 pc Slate
  • Slate Thickness: 30mm
  • Rail material: MDF
  • Leg Material: Solid Wood and Brass
  • Pocket Materials: Leather
  • Cushion Material: Rubber
  • Material: 3cm Blue Stone

Available in Black
Ball returns system, 3pc Slate
Accessories consist of ;
1) Ball set 1 box
2) Cue’s 4pcs
3) Triangle 1pc
4) Brush 1pc
5) Chalk 12 pc
6) Shaft+Cross rest head 1pc
7) Cue rack 1pc
8) Table cover 1pc


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