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  • Table Sizes: 9ft x 4.5ft

    Table Colour: Black Finishing
    Table Cloth: Wiraka Superior Pro 980
    Rail cushion: K55 Pure Rubber Cushion
    Pocket: Commercial Pocket Cutting
    Additional Information: Complete with lamination tabletop or spray finishing.
    Exquisite pool table with standard accessories.
    Pick up and ball return system available. Alum Apron Mitres.

    14,500.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • STAR Golden Tournament Snooker Table: Steel block 12ftx6ft with complete accessories. Cloth: 6811,England.


    • Ball set: 1 No.
    • Cue’s: 4 No.
    • Triangle: 1 No.
    • Brush: 1 No.
    • Chalk: 12 No.
    • Shaft+Cross rest head:  2 No.
    • Cue rack round stand:  1 No.
    • Long butt set: 1 No.
    • Table cover: 1 No. (Made in China)


    62,000.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Classic Wiraka Snooker Tables
    • Table Sizes: 12ft x 6.5ft 1/2ft.
    • Table Colour: Full Mahogany / Black and Gold/ Mahogany and Gold
    • Table Cloth: Hainsworth Match Snooker Cloth (UK)


    • FREE Playing Accessories

    35,000.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Wiraka Dynasty Billiard Table 9 Ft.

    17,500.00 AED
    (VAT Included)
  • Buy Pool and Snooker Table Dubai UAE
    • Table Sizes: 12ft x 6.ft
    • Table Colour: Green
    • Table Cloth: Hainsworth Match Snooker Cloth (UK)
    • Table Frames: Selected Good Timber and Hand-Picked Exotic Hardwood Rail
    • Cushions : Steel block


    • FREE Playing Accessories
    • FREE Delivery
    • FREE Installation


    32,000.00 AED
    (VAT Included)