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Snooker Rules: Everything you need to know!

Snooker is a well-known British heritage game; it is played with plates on a table equal in size and markings to snooker. The game initially originated in the 1870s as a pastime for troops. To play this game, you’ll need 22 snooker balls, including one white ball, 15 red balls, one yellow ball, one green … Read more

World Snooker Championship 2020

Kyren Wilson has reached his first World Snooker Championship final after beating Anthony McGill in an extraordinary semi-final. Wilson, 28, came out on top of an absorbing best-of-33 battle which went right to the wire, and was only settled by a fluked green off three cushions at the end of the deciding frame, one described … Read more

7th stage of the PBA Tour in Korea

The seventh round of the PBA Tour, the championship launched a year ago by the Professional Billiards Association in South Korea, takes place from January 23rd to 27th. Billiards Bréton has supplied 8 AERO 3m10 models equipped with GORINA cloth on which the competition will take place The billiard tables have been installed in the … Read more

Best Pool Table Services in City

During the holiday season, gaming at home is one way to provide a fun way for families to connect. Make sure a pool table is prepared for the holidays and extra play with our pool table services that can restore a table to almost new condition through the cloth, bumper, and pocket replacement, moving, and … Read more

How to Choose a Billiard Table ?

First, the table must have quality construction to ensure that it will stand the test of time. Solid wood pool tables will last longer than those made of plastics or other materials. Additionally, solid wood tables can support hefty slate surfaces. When positioning the table in the room, avoid placing it in direct sunlight, which … Read more

Basic Tips to Improve in Snooker

Snooker is a popular game all over the world, but if you live in the United States, chances are it is fairly new to you. Even if you live in other parts of the world, you might not think of snooker as a game that you can get exceptionally good at. The fact is that … Read more

Becoming A Snooker Master

If you’re a particularly casual player whose experience of cue sports is mostly limited to the odd game of pool down the pub, then the most important ball is always the object ball, isn’t it? It’s all about whether it goes in the pocket or not. And, to some extent, that’s true in snooker as … Read more